Education Series: Humanitarian and Development Work in French-speaking Countries

This successful annual education series provides a unique opportunity for students of French to learn about current humanitarian issues and the power of speaking French as a foreign language.

With over 220 million French speakers worldwide on 5 continents, French has the status of an official language in 32 different countries and governments, and is ranked the sixth most widely spoken language. As such, international organizations and Non-Government Agencies (NGOs) rely heavily on employees who speak French, particularly for their activities in West Africa, the Caribbean, and parts of Asia.

For this education series, representatives from local NGOs will share their field experience with students studying French at participating Metro Atlanta high schools and universities. In addition to learning about global humanitarian affairs, students will discover new ways to use the French language in a professional setting.

If you are a French teacher looking for ways to inspire your students, this is an opportunity that will help you showcase the benefits of learning and speaking French. Interested schools should email the consulate’s deputy culture attaché, Thomas Tugulescu, at

When: November 2017
Where: Participating Metro Atlanta Schools